Do you dream of living a simpler and more self sufficient lifestyle? Do you want to build it yourself, grow it yourself and make it yourself? Do you want to use the resources that are close at hand, maybe even in your back yard? Do you want to live well while treading more lightly on the earth? If the answer is yes, then we can help.

Whether it is your dream to do it all yourself, or have some helping hands along the way, we are here to empower you. It wasn't that long ago that settlers learned to do it all - everything from building a house to making a living off the land. We have abandoned many of the skills that people once needed for self sufficiency, but those skills can still be learned and are possibly more relevant now than they have been for the last 75 years

At HOMESTEADER, we specialize in building piece sur piece log structures and custom round cedar furniture using locally harvested materials, as well as using straw, mud and stone to create one of a kind homes and spaces. We also offer workshops and courses on these sustainable building methods and bring in other experts to offer learning experiences on a wide variety of living practices that enable a more self sufficient lifestyle. So read on, and see what we can offer you.