6 day Piece Sur Piece Log House Construction Course - dates to be announced



Learn how to build a uniquely Canadian log house. This workshop will guide participants through the design andstructure of this outstanding building method (for more info see brochure) and will focus on techniques like using a wall jig, the art of scribing, making precise chainsaw cuts, dressing logs, chisel work, and much more.

This course is for you - whether your desire is to build your own house, your own way, using your own materials, or you are simply interested in learning a new skill that will give you confidence in tool operation and allow your creativity to flow. Our aim is to deliver real skills in real time, but also to allow participants to feel they have had an experience!









As featured on Colin and Justin's Great Canadian Cottages, Rick and Wendy are in their third decade of handcrafting log homes. They have extensive experience in stone work and straw bale construction, and have been teaching sustainable construction techniques to small groups for over 20 years. It's a natural extension of their desire to see others build in a way that empowers the owner/builder, while using resources wisely.






This course offers a full on experience at Rhythmwood (our workshop centre) for 6 days while you learn, live, eat and hang out with Rick and Wendy. ONLY 4 participants are accepted into this course, to ensure a personal experience with ample one-on-one time.

Investment is $1495.00 (+ 13% HST) for 6 days of instruction, plus accommodation and meals.  

Accommodation consists of 2 private rooms (singles or couples) and a studio space (for 2) - these will be assigned first come, first serve. Meals will be family style. 

You will need to bring the following Course Items (please let us know if you have a problem with any items)

For more information please Contact us .