Welcome to Rhythmwood

Rhythmwood Learning and Retreat Centre is a unique place where people come together for a full experience of education, adventure, good food, friendship, and fun.

You can experience a range of opportunities from dance and movement practices to natural building and sustainable living practices.

Our 1600 sq. ft straw bale building is at the heart of Rhythmwood. Built over a number of seasons with many helping hands, this building is truly a one of a kind structure. Constructed from local materials, it is a great example of sustainable healthy construction. All the timber to make up the post and beam structure was sustainably harvested from our own woodlot. The straw bales were sourced from an area farmer. Clay for the earthen floor and earthen plaster walls came from our own pond, while the sand used in the mix came from nearby Lion's Head.

This beautiful space is split between a workshop area on one side and a remarkable dance studio on the other side. Participants of our workshops and trainings will experience an energized feeling while in the space, since the natural walls and floors all "breath", and there is no off gassing which can be associated with some manufactured materials and cement based coverings. The twelve foot ceiling  and mirrored wall of the studio imbues a feeling of loftiness and freedom, while the heated earthen floor, with it's warm undulating surface has a gentle grounding effect. 

You must feel it to experience it!

For workshops and training in natural building techniques, please visit our Workshops page on this site.

For dance and movement workshops, trainings, and retreats, please visit Rhythmwood.ca